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About Us

SouthWest Towing Co. was established in 1995 on the premise of providing a quality service at a competitive price with a quick response time,
usually 30 minute's or less within the standard service area.
Service area's include but not limited to Southwest Houston,Bellaire,Westside Place,West University,Galleria,Meyerland,Sharpstown, and the
surrounding area's just to name a few.
While continuing to service the same general area's,our driver's already possess an intimate knowledge of how to get around more easily than
most at certain time's of day IE: rush hour traffic,sporting event's etc. and still provide a rapid response time to your service call.

* Fully Licensed and Permitted through the City and State for Consent and Non Consent Towing.
* All Driver's are subject to background check's and random drug screening's every year.
* All driver's are required to take the initial - IMS / Incident Managemant Service - exam as well as the - CE / Continuing Education - course's
every year.
* Each and every service vehicle is required to follow a strict and regular service schedule while also maintaining it in a clean and
professional condition.

We lead by example and strive to advance the premise of a towing professional while leaving behind the label of a wrecker service,its history of misconception's and stereotype's.

Houston Towing Services

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