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Frequently, when car accidents occur, injuries may occur to passengers inside the automobile.  These injuries may be legally compensate and involve insurance claims and lawsuits, depending upon the circumstances of the case.   While every state has its own law regarding how a passenger may obtain relief for Damages incurred due to a car accident, some states permit passengers to look to all parties involved in a car accident in order to obtain monetary damages.  Therefore, it is crucial to understand the law of one’s jurisdiction in order to determine how the law impacts one’s case.

Injured Passengers

While the types of car accident passenger injuries vary, there are some common passenger injuries.  For example, car accident back pain due to trauma sustained in an accident is frequently claimed.  In addition, car accident shoulder pain is another common injury.  Furthermore, headaches after car accidents, as well as neck pain, lacerations, broken bones and bruised/damaged organs are all frequent injuries following an automobile accident.  Finally, whiplash is claimed in most car accident cases.  This injury may be a natural cause of impact or could be due to a whiplash system failure in a vehicle.

Liability of Expenses for an Injured Passenger:

Frequently, a passenger’s losses as a result of a car accident passenger injury include such items as the following:

  • medical bills and expenses
  • loss of employment
  • permanent disability

Can Lawyers Help?

If one has been injured as a passenger in a car accident, one should consult with an experienced personal injury car accident attorney.  Car accidents can involve complicated legal and insurance matters which can be intricate and confusing to the most experienced individual.  An experienced car accident attorney can evaluate the facts and circumstances of one’s case in order to determine whether there is a viable legal case.  If so, the attorney can identify one’s legal options and help in selecting the most appropriate option.  Finally, an attorney can ensure that one is fully compensated for one’s loss and obtains fair compensation.

**Anything posted on this website is not intended for legal advice. If you need advice about an accident please consult an attorney.**

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